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Want to try out the “proper” traditional Czech cuisine? But you are not sure where to start? Where to eat like a local in Prague? Of course, we understand it is hard to choose the right restaurant when there are so many restaurants out there, sadly not all are truly offering the “original taste” of Czech cuisine. So, we have heard your frustrations and thanks to our team, we have prepared an exhaustive list of the must-eat Traditional Czech food just for you. So, are you ready to CZECH IT OUT? Definitely, we understand it is important that “when in Prague, eat as the Czechs do”. Here is our list of the most common traditional Czech dishes:


Svickova Lokal Hamburk Prague

Before visiting a new place, I usually make a list of what I want to eat. These foods are unique that simply unable to have it elsewhere. Of course, Svickova is one of them among my list. Svickova is braised beef steak prepared with vegetables (onion, carrots, parsley root, celeriac) with spices (bay leaf, thyme, pepper) and served well with dumplings. A little fun fact about Svickova: most Czech families cook this particular dish on Sunday lunch also known as the classical Czech weddings dish. Every family has their own secret recipe and everyone loves their grandma’s homemade is always the best. We recommend U Kroka restaurant has one of the best Svickova. Read more about Julia’s U Kroka blog to find out her experience at U Kroka.


Nase maso czech prague sausageWell, you might argue that why do sausages belong here? Aren’t sausages supposed to be only strictly for the Germans? Good question… actually, the Czechs love sausages as much as they love their Czech beer? Oh wait, not to exaggerate but sausages go well with fresh draught beer. So, why not? I highly recommend the best Wieners in Prague which is located at Dlouha street in Prague 1. Nase Maso (it means our meat) high-end butcher shop is always crowded with locals and tourists at any hour of the day. They specialised in high-quality meat from Prestice pigs (an old Czech breed of pigs) with a proper all-natural way which tastes great!


Restaurace u Houdků Prague

Craving for juicy pork ribs? No worries, the Czech cuisine also offers the perfect ribs for your gastronomical delight. The Czechs like marinated pork ribs (smoke or pepper marinated) go very well with Czech beer to wash it down for lunch. For pork ribs lover, our team would recommend the restaurant U Houdku provide a big portion and inexpensive dishes. As a student, it is indeed a hidden gem in the city for delicious pork ribs (Vepřová žebírka marinovana v pikantní marináda). Want to know more? Read about the experience by Kseniia’s U Houdku!


Kopyto Prague

Biftek which is the Czech word beef steak, the meat is generally cooked medium. The taste of the steak then unfolds depends on the spices, marinate and time of grill or bake. Wondering where to have a delicious beef steak after lectures? The restaurant is actually closed by the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). Our team went out to hunt for a typical Czech beef steak, Matija came across a restaurant which offers delicious Hovězí steak (beef steak with grilled cherry tomatoes). Matija recommend Plzensky restaurant Kopyto, to CZECH OUT his personal experience, feel free to read his blog post!


schnitzel rizek lokal hamburk

No surprise that just like the sausages, schnitzel is also another perfect example of a popular dish in the Czech Republic. As a matter of fact, there would be an endless debate of the origin and recipe of Schnitzel, Viennese claimed the Wiener schnitzel is veal, the German and Czech made of mostly pork, traditional Italian recipe is made of veal which was brought to Vienna during the Austrian-Hungarian era. In Czech Republic, Schnitzel is known as smažený řízek, mouth-watering pieces of tender cutlets meat breaded and fried which typically compliment well with boiled potatoes or traditional Czech potato salad. Personally, I enjoyed homemade schnitzel more than the ones in restaurants. Nevertheless, if you are craving for a perfect juicy piece of schnitzel downtown, Lokal is the reputable place to eat for a reasonable price. For a high-end experience, Café Savoy has been well-known for their perfect aromatic schnitzel with cranberries jam (usually goes well with pork).


Lokál Hamburk Prague

As a vegetarian in Prague can be quite daunting, struggling to opt for a meat-free meal can be a pain in the ass in Prague especially most classic Czech dish is *cough cough* vegs-free. Having said that, the Czechs may argue off with their classic dish of “fried cheese” which is a slice of fried, breaded Eidam Cheese, it is a rich and cheesy savouring delight. Crispy layer from the outside and cheesy in the inside that never fails to please your taste buds. I had personally tasted and can testify that this is the BEST fried cheese (Smažený Sýr)!! Not to brag about it, their Czech foods are simply knock out great that I became one of their loyal customer of Lokal Hamburk which is one of Lokal chain restaurants. If you are interested in my experience at Lokal, feel free to CZECH OUT my blog post!!


For me, when I first heard of this dish, I immediately relate Chlebicek to an adorable little nickname. By now you might be curious what exactly is a Chlebicek, it is known as the open-faced sandwich. Chlebicek is like fast food preparation are simple and easy to serve, a slice of Czech bread (or toast) with toppings. A fun fact: it is common finger food at parties (New year eve) and other social events.


U Bulínů Prague

If you are bored of the typical poultry dishes, why not have a try of the Czech roast duck? Czech’s culinary consists of all varieties of poultry dishes, naturally roast duck (pečená kachna) are one of them. This dish is served well with bread or potato dumplings (knedlíky) and braised red cabbage duck breast with caramelized onions. The red cabbage is known as “zeli” which may look like sauerkraut but it tastes sweeter. Our team would recommend this classic dish from one of our eating out trips at U Bulinu restaurant in Prague. Of course, if you are interested in more about the experience in this restaurant, CZECH OUT Kristina’s blog post!


Prague Ham

A little beer snack is definitely welcoming while enjoying an ice hockey match with friends and colleagues. Ice hockey is the national sport in the Czech Republic and it is a usual sight in bars and restaurants to see the Czechs cheering when their team score! For me, Lokal’s starters offer a variety of Czech hams with wipe cream, sausages with horseradish and mustard and wash it down with a mouthful of beer. Trust me their dishes never fail to satisfy your gastronomical delight.



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