Today I want to tell you about my first Czech food experience I had in Prague.

I was exploring the city, it was around 9 p.m. and I was really hungry. I have found some nice Korean place in Praha 3, because I wasn’t willing to try Czech food in fact. Unfortunately, there were no seats in this Asian place, so I started to hang around searching for the place.

After 10 minutes of search I found the typical Czech restaurant. As I was too hungry to go somewhere else and was afraid that all other restaurants are booked, I decided to eat in this restaurant.

The interior looked quite nice, although the waiters were not very friendly. The menu is in 3 languages: Czech, English and Russian, which was a good news for me as foreigner. By the way, there is a terrace in the restaraunt, which I really liked.

I ordered goulash and dumplings. After 10 minutes of wait the waiter gave me a huge plate. There were 3 big dumplings, which I didn’t like. Not because they were not tasty, but because I don’t get the concept of this dish. The portion of goulash was quite small to my regret. The meat was tasty, but not very impressive.

I quickly ate my dish, payed and went home. All in all, I realized that I don’t understand Czech food, so I need more dished to try.



  • Tel: 222 221 350
  • Opening hours: 

               Mo–Su: 11:00–23:00

  • Vegetarian/ vegan option: yes, but limited in choice – depends on daily menu
  • Reservation recommended: yes
  • Website

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