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Join me to explore Prague foodie adventure ; )

After a long day of lectures, I was very excited and looking forward to our dinner on a rather warm Wednesday evening. My friend, Sofia and I have decided to visit one of the most popular restaurants in Prague – Lokál. After many good reviews and recommendations from my friends and the local, it was time for me to really experience the taste of Lokál Czech cuisine by myself.

Lokál operates in multiple locations in town, we went to the restaurant in Karlín hoping to avoid the crowd, as Lokál has a notorious reputation for long queue even on off peak hours of the days. I made the reservation two days in advance for two people at 7.30 pm. Once I arrived at the Karlínské Náměstí stop, I saw a crowd of mainly white collars working class having their pilsner beer simply enjoying the evening with their fellow colleagues. They looked very satisfied with their beer and conversations by the side of the window parapet outside of the restaurant.

Inside Lokál Hamburk

Once we opened the door into the restaurant, immediately the welcoming loud carefree ambient sets in. The guests were a mix of some tourists and mostly locals. As expected, people without reservations were waiting in line. At 7.30 pm, we were shown the way to our table by a waitress. We sat at an ideal place by the corner with a good view of the ice hockey match. The interior of the restaurant looks simple yet sophisticated decorated with Bohemian unique blue and white pattern murals and creative wooden cravings.

A glimpse of what Lokál offered during October 2018. Their menu served mainly Czech common dishes. Usually, the menu slightly changes on the daily basis to offer variety.

Food in Lokál Hamburk

When it is the time to order our food, I ordered their speciality Czech dish – 6 weeks ripped fried cheese with tartar sauce (Smažený sýr vyzrálý šest týdnů s naší tatarskou omáčkou) and half litre draught beer Pilsner Urquell, 0,5 l (Prazdroj, světlý ležák, „hladinka“, 0,5 l). This particular dish had received the Ambiente Group Award. Sofia wanted to try their soup, so she had ordered potato soup with mushroom (bramborová polévka). Even though the whole restaurant was filled with loud talks and sometimes laughter, I found myself feeling cosy and warm surrounded by the casual layback atmosphere. Simply everyone seems to be enjoying their time here including us.

When our dishes came, I was satisfied with my choice. The fried cheese tasted just as great as the reviews from the food critics promised. The boiled potatoes are served well with Lokál’s speciality creamy tartare sauce. It is a cheesy savouring delight. Crispy layer from the outside and cheesy in the inside. Indeed, it is mouth-watering even to describe the dish! Sofia likes her delicious potato soup very much. It tastes just perfect. All in all, we are very satisfied with our food and drinks. Personally, the portion of the dish is rather more than sufficient at a reasonable price.

The best part is to wash it down with fresh draught beer especially having a heavy dish. I love the freshness of each beer draught right from the tap. Three common differences of beer are as followed:

  • Pilsner Urquell, 0,3 l; 0,5 l
  • Pilsner Urquell, “slice”
  • Pilsner Urquell, “beer foam”

Afterwards, we finished our delicious meal and asked for the bill. We paid and left the restaurant feeling satisfied and glad that we had enjoyed our lovely evening. Off we went to enjoy our beautiful night view of Prague at National Monument in Vitkov (Národní památník na Vítkově).

Stay tuned for the next food adventure!

Čau! So, say Cheers (Na zdraví)!


  • Tel: +420 222 310 361
  • Opening hours: 

Mo–Th 11:00–23:30
Fr 11:00–00:30
Sa 11:30–00:30
Su 11:30–23:00

  • Vegetarian/ vegan option: yes, but limited in choice – depends on daily menu
  • Reservation recommended: yes
  • Website


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