Plzensky Restaurace Kopyto


This week we went for a traditional Czech dinner with two of my friends before our night out. We have chosen restaurant ‘Plzensky Restaurace Kopyto’ as it is on our way to the center and also very close to Vysoka Škola ekonomicka (VŠE) where we study. I have called the restaurant and reserved it as Friday nights are usually very busy. I met with my friends on tram and we drove to the restaurant together.

When we arrived there, we realized that the restaurant doesn’t look anything special from the outside, but when I entered it I realized that it is actually very big. The restaurant has a traditional Czech design, most of interior is made of wood. In the underground level of this restaurant you can see a room filled with huge tanks of beer in green lightning. These green lights are set up throughout the restaurant and in my opinion that is a very cool touch as it lightens up the room and gives a good balance between ‘traditional’ interior and modern design. Kopyto also has an outside area that sadly wasn’t open at the time of our visit. The restaurant was almost full so it is recommended to reserve a table during dinner time.

We got a table next to a window and we ordered beers while we checked the menu. As the name suggests this is Plzen’s restaurant so main beer they serve is Pilsner Urquell. The waiter’s English skills were not very good but since we live in Prague for some time we managed to order our dinner. For appetizers, we have ordered Goulash soup (GULÁŠOVÁ POLÉVKA s hovězím masem).  The soup was very tasty, the meat was soft and delicious.

For the main dish I ordered beef steak with grilled cherry Tomatoes (HOVĚZÍ STEAK z  grilovanými cherry rajčátky). The restaurant offers 200g, 300g and 400g steak options, which is very convenient. I have picked 300g option as I didn’t want to get too full before our nightout. Together we have also ordered grilled potatoes with garlic (Opékané brambory ve slupce s bylinkami a česnekem) as a side dish. Beef steak was prepared medium rare, the meat was very soft and tasty. We have enjoyed our meal and paid for our dinner. There is a very good value per money ratio in this restaurant as you immediately know what and how much you will get. Most of the main dishes come without sides so you have to pay extra for them, but the prices are reasonable and there is a great variability between them. Portions of food are large, we have wanted to also test their desserts but there was no room. Overall I would recommend the restaurant as it has nice ambient, delicious food and good prices.





  • Telephone: 774 666 604
  • Opening hours: 11-24
  • Vegeterian/vegan options: Yes, but limited. Depends on daily menu
  • Reservation recommendation: Yes
  • Website:


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