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Recently my best friend came to Prague to visit me, and since we love delicious food so much, I decided that we should go to a restaurant together. We really wanted to discover a «true Czech restaurant» – an authentic place where only locals go. After spending some time surfing the Web, I stumbled upon Restaurace u Houdků, and for some reason it grabbed my attention immediately.

Inside Restaurace u Houdků

Restaurace u Houdků is located at a narrow street, far away from popular touristic routes, and even near my university, which was extra convenient. The exterior has nothing remarkable; in fact, the place is hard to notice in the dark.

The restaurant has the full menu displayed outside, so you can easily compare dishes and make your choice. We immediately noticed that the menu is very diverse and prices are pleasant, which is truly nice – Prague isn’t exactly cheap when it comes to restaurants.

The first thing I noticed was that Restaurace u Houdků is very small, perhaps even too small – that’s how crowded it was that evening! All the tables were occupied, and we started to think that we had no luck in having a normal dinner. However, after noticing our distress, waiters rushed to help us immediately and surrounded us with undivided attention. They gave us two seats at the occupied table, and frankly, I was too tired after the full day of sightseeing to complain about sharing a place with someone else. The interior made a good impression on me – it was nothing fancy, but it immediately revoked a feeling of comfort.

As we got to our seats, the waiter proceeded to offer us drinks, and we chose two Kozel beers – what else to drink at a Czech restaurant rather than beer, right? The pint was huge, but I managed to drink it all to the last drop.

Food in Restaurace u Houdků

Finally, it was time to choose the main dish! As I wanted my friend to experience Czech cuisine, we immediately looked at the «České speciálnosti». There was one dish that seemed just perfect for us – «Vepřová žebírka marinovana v pikantní marináda» (pork ribs in spicy marinade, according to Google Translate) – and let me tell you: this was the best choice we could make.

Vepřová žebírka is practically a giant loaf of bread stuffed with juicy pork ribs to the brim. I nearly fell of my chair from surprise, that’s how big it was! To top that, the dish had some fresh onions, carrot and salad leaves and a separate sauceboat.

When we lifted the bread piece covering the ribs, the smell nearly knocked us down. It smelled heavenly! Dare I say, if there is Heaven somewhere, they only eat vepřová žebírka there and nothing else. The meat was superb: sweet, savory and little bit spicy. It felt like all this pork was melting in our mouths. The bread itself was of the highest quality, and even my grandma couldn’t bake it better (haha, sorry grandma!).

After we finished our meal, we proceeded to pay for the order with a credit card, exchanged our goodbyes and left with a clear intention to return to this place someday. Restaurace u Houdků offers a good variety of Czech dishes for good prices and of highest quality. Friendliness of waiters depends on the intensity of work (is that even a problem if the food is that good?), and as for the lack of space – well, sharing is caring, right? I would gladly recommend Restaurace u Houdků to every person who wants to try authentic Czech dishes in a comfy atmosphere and without spending huge amounts of money.



  • Tel: 222 711 239
  • Opening hours: 11:00 – 0:00 daily
  • Vegetarian/ vegan option: : yes, but the choice is very limited – this restaurant specializes in traditional Czech cuisine after all
  • Reservation recommended: there is no such option
  • Website


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