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Last week my mother and my sister came to visit me in Prague. They were really excited to try ‘typical Czech food’ and asked me about the best restaurant I know in Prague. I did not need much time to think about that – U Kroka popped up in my mind immediately. Accordingly, I called to make a reservation. I was surprised as the waiter was even able to speak German. Unfortunately, there was only a table available two days later than we intended to go but I was sure that it was definitely worth the wait. Therefore, I really recommend a reservation beforehand, especially on the weekend.

About U Kroka

When we arrived at U Kroka, we immediately felt the comfortable but courteous atmosphere. The waiter showed us our table. The tables in the room stood much closer to each other than my family and me are used to it from Germany. But that intensified the cosy feeling. As it was the end of an exhausting sight-seeing day, it didn’t take us long to order a beer and some bread served with butter right after getting seated. So we were able to take a detailed look into the menu and think about what to choose calmly.


Our food experience – main dishes

When the waiter served our drinks and starters, we ordered our main dishes: Svičková, Pork Tenderloin and Chicken Supreme. Then we started eating. The starter bread was really nice as it were different types of bread and we could try a piece of every that was offered. It was definitely enough to share it with three people. After serving our main dishes, it took some time to take photos of the really beautiful arranged plates and my mother and my sister seemed a little bit nervous. Everything looked tasty – and it really was! All of us had to try the other dishes and we were all impressed. The meat had a really good quality and was grilled to perfection, every single side dish was special and had something that we did not expect or would just define as ‘okay’. We had potatoes au gratin, pumpkin purée, wild broccoli, potato confit, carrot purée with almonds and orange, marinated carrots and dumplings. This sounds pretty much, but it was not a large amount of everything. In my view, the variety of side dishes was really satisfying as the taste of everything matched quite well.


Our food experience – dessert

After finishing our main dishes, the waiter offered the menu again for picking a dessert. Even though we felt completely full, we thought that if the dessert was only half as good as the other dishes, we should at least try it. So we decided to share one dessert. The waiter recognised us exploring the menu again and trying to decide what we wanted. So he stepped by with some plates in his hands showing us each dessert on a sample plate. Moreover, he told us that the Miša cake is a traditional Czech chocolate cake. Easily then the decision was made to stick to the ‘traditional Czech food’ plan and try the cake. We should not regret that choice: It was definitely the best chocolate cake I ever had in my life.

Visiting U Kroka was definitely a pleasure – I can really recommend it!


  • Tel: +420 775 90 50 22 
  • Opening hours: 11:00 – 23:00 daily
  • Vegetarian/ vegan option: vegetarian options are present (3 main dishes), but no vegan options
  • Reservation recommended: yes
  • Website

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